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Press Release: Cosplay Guest Secrets Revealed Book Launch

For Immediate Release

April 30, 2018

Secrets to booking coveted guest spots are revealed in new cosplay professional development book

Photo by Jason Laboy

​​With comic convention season in full swing, cosplayers worldwide are competing to secure spots as official cosplay guests on the convention roster.

“There are many talented cosplayers with quality craftsmanship skills who’ve expressed interest in becoming a guest at comic conventions, but have no idea where to begin,” says Philip Odango, professional cosplayer and international convention guest known as Canvas Cosplay. “This book is designed to be a comprehensive approach to finding, pitching and nailing that official guest spot.”

Cosplay Guest Secrets Revealed: The Comprehensive Guide to Booking Cosplay Guest Gigs is the second book in Odango’s Cosplay Professional Development Series. He includes examples of his own working documents, including how to negotiate fees and contract terms. “There is definitely the glamorous side of being a sought-after cosplay guest, but organizers do expect you to have a certain level of competency when you negotiate and enter agreements as a artist contractor,”

After spending 15 years in the corporate world as a communications and marketing professional, Odango made the jump into transforming his passion into a business as a full-time cosplayer, costume designer and convention guest and presenter. Ninety percent of his income comes from cosplay-related activities, including by being guests at conventions. He documents key tactics and strategies in his first book Cosplay Marketing & PR 101 released in January.

“My books serve to bridge that knowledge gap for cosplayers looking to enter the convention industry as guests.” Odango emphasizes, “Many do not have the business acumen or life experience in promoting themselves and setting up and negotiating contracts; I show them how to do it.”


Book Review:

Being a cosplay guest for the first time can be something of a scary subject. Knowing what to ask for, how to ask for it, and being confident to say no to a bad offer can be intimidating for cosplayers who usually have no business background. Having a frame of reference is extremely helpful in successfully navigating the world of guesting at conventions, even for experienced con-goers. Philip Odango’s guide to cosplay guesting is incredibly useful for the many aspects of booking guesting appearances, from contacting conventions to securing favorable contracts. He provides an incredibly useful framework that others can use to build rapport with conventions, book successful appearances, and make sure guesting experiences are positive and rewarding. I would highly recommend this book for anyone thinking of guesting at cons or who have been invited for the first time.

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