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New York Comic Con 2017! Eastern Championships of Cosplay

Last year, I had the great honor of receiving an award for my Doctor Strange cosplay at the New York Comic Con Eastern Championships of Cosplay. This year, I had the great excitement of participating with SINGER in awarding the top 3 champions.

Photo by Steve Prue

In its effort to better align the 100+ year old company with the spirit and enthusiasm of cosplay, SINGER sponsored the 2017 NYCC Eastern Championships of Cosplay. As Singer's Brand Ambassador, and I interviewed the contestants backstage as they were individually judges by this year's panel of esteemed judges.

Backstage at the Eastern Championships of Cosplay with SINGER team Sarah Garrington, Matthias Mueller and Kelly Holt, Director of Marketing, SVP Worldwide and contest judge

The overall winners: 3rd place Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay, 2nd place Unorthodox Design, 1st place Alchemical Cosplay

I also interviewed the judges backstage to get their insight on what impressed them in this year's competition

This year, I debuted 3 new cosplays!

Oberyn Martell Battle Outfit Embossed vinyl and leather Photo by Mdavidphotography Worbla from Yaya Han

Baze Malbus Twill fabric for flight suit Photo by David Ngo Custom wig by Hero Hair Epsilon PRO from Smooth-On

Oberyn Martell Robe Gold brocade from #yayahan collection Victor pattern from Cosplay McCalls Photo by David Ngo All fabrics available at JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores

"There are no Jedi here anymore. Only dreamers like this fool." Character: Baze Malbus, Guardian of the Whills Series: Rogue One Star Wars Costume and props by Canvas Cosplay Custom wig by Hero Hair Photo by Maze Studio Epsilon Pro by Smooth-On Shot at New York Comic Con Cape is Super Hex from Suit sewn with Singer Sewing Company Heavy Duty

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