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Tutorial: Maui from Disney's Moana

Aloha! Welcome to my breakdown of my cosplay of the character of “Maui” from Disney’s hit animated film “Moana”. This cosplay won at the Crown Championships of Cosplay, and was featured by Disney, and also on Good Morning America, and recognized by the Disney head of animation for Moana as “The Real Maui”. (Photo by Sunpech Photoography)

I’m breaking down the costume components for those interested in becoming the demi-god of the wind and sea and hero of all

Maui’s Necklace

Core: Wooden embroidery hoop wrapped with jute cord

Bones: Air dry clay shaped and painted, sealed with Modge Podge and acrylic sealer

Attach bones to wrapped hoop with jute cord

Tattoo Bodysuit

Top: UnderArmour long sleeve Tactical Tech shirt in Army Brown

Inks: Faber-Castell Pitt Illustrator Brush pens (outline), alcohol-ink markers (fills)

Bottom: Tan jeggings from Walmart

Tattoo references: The Art of Moana (b00k)

Ti Leaf Skirt

Base: Mesh skirt made from green mesh sewn onto a 2-inch wide black elastic band

Leaves: 300+ polyester leaves, hand-painted with acrylics and sealed with matte spray

Sew the leaves in rows using a SINGER Heavy Duty sewing machine with polyester thread using heavy duty needles in zig-zag stitch

Magic Fish Hook

Core: Cardboard, reinforced with wooden paint stirrers taped down with fiberglass tape

Big GapFill expanding foam - 6 bottles, 3 bottles per side

Box cutter to shape the foam

Lights: Adafruit Neopixel strips


Masking tape

Brown markers for hook illustrations/carvings

Rope/Cord for handle


Multi-tone brown/black wig (30 inches) in curly for back of head

Multi-tone brown/black lacefront (24 inches) in curly for front of head


Black/brown eye shadow for furrowed eyebrows, and deepen outer eye corners

Highlighter for cheeks

Soft pink blush for cheek apples

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