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"SINGER has been looking to break into the Cosplay community for some time now and we are excited to have Canvas Cosplay leading the charge for us.”


Global Social Media & Content Manager, SVP Worldwide

“I really, really appreciate the time that you and the other judges took to examine the work. It’s a very tight competition, and that is really important. Thank you so much.”


Global Event Director, ReedPop


“A huge thank you to being part of our Vero booth this weekend and being a promotional partner for us in connection with C2E2! It really was fantastic to work with you and we are so honored that you are part of the Vero community. Your insights were incredibly helpful and we will certainly be reaching out soon to get more feedback and thoughts from you if you’re able to share! The reception from the cosplay community at the event was more than we could have hoped, in large part due to your help!”


Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships Vero - True Social

"Thank you for being such an inspiring person and for sharing Maui with so many! It was an honor to meet you and look forward to seeing you again soon I hope! Thanks for keeping Maui's spirit alive and young!"


Vice President, D23, Special Events and Disney Corporate Creative Resources

“Thank you Philip for being part of The CAGE and AsiaPop Comicon Manila 2017. Your professionalism throughout the pre-event process and during the event days made it so much easier to work with you. There's been some great feedback from fans who interacted with you during the show. We loved that you're so approachable and lovely to all the fans. We thoroughly enjoyed having you with us for the entire event, and it'll be our pleasure to work with you again in the future!"


AsiaPop Comicon Manila

“Philip Odango’s Cosplay Guest Secrets Revealed is a must have for those looking to take their costuming and presenting hobby to the next level. Having had a business for years, I’m no stranger to reaching out to people but having how to do it properly, with a well-structured and professional approach for the convention scene in one book is invaluable. Philip goes over a lot of crucial information in this well structure guide. Everything from properly formatted correspondence, gauging and presenting your worth to the convention, making sure you get what you are worth from the convention, things that could and will be asked of you as a guest, tips on how to not wear yourself thin and keeping a health mind and body as you get in to this line of work and so much more. Not only is this useful information to reference but if you have any other questions of concerns, Philip is willing to personally answer them and is always professional, courteous, and just super pleasant to work with. If you’re wanting to pursue panels, workshops, cosplay guest spots or anything similar, please do yourself a favor and pick up this book."


HDC Cosplay and Fabrication

“Being a cosplay guest for the first time can be something of a scary subject. Knowing what to ask for, how to ask for it, and being confident to say no to a bad offer can be intimidating for cosplayers who usually have no business background. Having a frame of reference is extremely helpful in successfully navigating the world of guesting at conventions, even for experienced con-goers. Philip Odango’s guide to cosplay guesting is incredibly useful for the many aspects of booking guesting appearances, from contacting conventions to securing favorable contracts. He provides an incredibly useful framework that others can use to build rapport with conventions, book successful appearances, and make sure guesting experiences are positive and rewarding. I would highly recommend this book for anyone thinking of guesting at cons or who have been invited for the first time.”  


Sayakat Cosplay

Cosplay Marketing and PR 101: Startup Essentials for Growing Your Cosplay Brand is an amazing tool for cosplayers looking to build their unique identity. Philip demystifies the PR and Marketing worlds, by providing a lens through which you can envision your own potential. The workbook like format gives you the tools to take your cosplay career from a “what if” to a “how”, by prompting vital questions with answers you can only provide yourself. Philip is a wonderful teacher, and I would suggest this book to anyone interested in carving their niche in the cosplay industry."


Alchemical Cosplay

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