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Meet 'Maui' from Disney's Moana

Maui is going on a Summer Meet and Greet Tour!

Meet and take photos with Maui! Canvas Cosplay brings the beloved demigod of the wind and sea to life. Hailed by Hyrum Osmond, head of animation for Disney's Moana, as "The Real Maui," he has delighted fans at Disney D23 Expo and around the world. 

Upcoming Appearances

NEW! Order a Personalized Video Greeting from Maui

Request for Private Event

"The Ultimate Maui Cosplay From Disney's 'Moana'" - Fashionably Geek

"Moana Maui Costume is Worthy of a Demigod" - Adafruit

'A Phenomenal Maui Cosplay From Disney's 'Moana' - TVOvermind

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