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Look No Further for the Ultimate Maui character impersonator and lookalike

for your birthday party, convention and private events!

"The Ultimate Maui Cosplay From Disney's 'Moana'" - Fashionably Geek

"Moana Maui Costume is Worthy of a Demigod" - Adafruit

'A Phenomenal Maui Cosplay From Disney's 'Moana' - TVOvermind

Philip is a professional actor with 10+ years of performance experience

Great working with children

Can sing "You're Welcome!" from the film

Custom Appearance Packages start at $250

which include Maui in full costume and props.

* Additional fee for transportation and lodging required (as needed)

* Local to Virginia and servicing all of U.S.A. and international

Select an option below to reserve your date/time or contact

Book "Maui" Character Look-A-Like

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