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Cosplay Marketing & Public Relations

So you want to be a cosplay entrepreneur? As a communications professional and consultant with over a decade of experience in marketing, branding, media and public relations, I'll share with you valuable insights and tools with real documents to help you build your cosplay brand in this Professional Development lecture series

Cosplay Marketing and PR 101:

Startup Essentials for Building Your Cosplay Brand

Audience: Beginner - Intermediate


  • What is YOUR Brand?

    • The Power of Brand Voice and Messaging

  • Creating your Online Presence

    • More than just Social Media

  • Sending a Press Release

    • Creating a Successful Media Alert

  • Mistakes to Avoid

    • Top 10 pitfalls to avoid when starting your business

Cosplay Marketing and PR 202:

Expanding Your Influence

Audience:  Beginner - Intermediate


  • Creating an Effective Press Kit

  • Networking 101: Do's and Don'ts

  • How the Public Relations Machine Works

  • Working with Photographers & Filmmakers

  • Expanding Your Brand's Engagement

Cosplay Marketing and PR 303:

Monetizing Your Expertise

Audience:  Intermediate


  • How Cosplayers Make Money

  • In-Kind Partnerships

  • Sponsored Content

  • Brand Endorsement

  • Affiliate Revenue

  • Appearances

Cosplay Marketing and PR 404:

Scaling & Managing Growth

Audience:  Advance


  • Monitoring your Performance

  • What Can I Deduct?

  • Crisis Management

All audience members will receive a unique link to download sample documents used in the presentation.


Additionally, I provide insight by participating in panels and presentations discussing:

  • Cosplay Confidence & Bullying

  • Improving Stage Performance & Overcoming Anxiety

  • Cosplaying on a Budget

Book a Presentation

Each presentation is approximately one-hour and can be tailored to audiences.


There are 2 ways to discuss booking a lecture:

  1. Contact the convention's event staff or programming director and request my presence as a guest, and share this page

  2. Send an email to

About the Presenter

The Communications Professional

A professional with over 10 years of experience in marketing, branding, media and PR, Philip Odango helps solve communication problems. He brings proven knowledge of creative strategy, consumer insights, brand alignment and storytelling to deliver creative solutions for top global companies, including Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson, as well as startups and local organizations, and champions big ideas and driving brand engagement through print, digital, broadcast, live events and social platforms. As an educator and consultant, he continues to help companies and individuals cultivate marketing strategies, brand engagement and new business. Member of PRSA. Certified Project Manager and Microsoft Innovative Educator. LinkedIn Profile

The Cosplayer

Canvas Cosplay is the project of award-winning artist and cosplayer Philip Odango. With over a decade of experience in directing, producing and stage managing over two dozen productions, he fuses design and performance in his exuberant cosplays to create memorable visuals and interactions. His costumes have been featured in national publications such as The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Forbes Magazine, and industry media including Cosplay Culture Magazine, Cosplay in America, Kotaku and Fashionably Geek. He has participated as a guest at conventions, including New York Comic Con, Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, San Diego Comic Con, and also as a contest judge, and panelist advocating for cosplay confidence and body positivity. His Doctor Strange costume was officially featured by MARVEL, and he was commissioned to produce a replica prop for The Jimmy Kimmel Show. His most recent “Maui” cosplay won 2nd place in special effects at the Crown Championships of Cosplay in Chicago.

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