MY NAME IS PHILIP and here's my story

I've always been a natural-born leader who believed in the power of storytelling to create change.

However, it wasn't until I came to career crossroads in life that I really connected to what my work was doing here on this planet.

You see, for years I was an marketing executive chasing the ladder of success. For 15 years, I had developed creative campaigns and strategies with some of world's top brands, including direct collaboration with Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson. From the outside, the title of "Creative Director" was a symbol of having "made it" in the creative ladder.

Then one day in April 2017, the position I held for 8 years was eliminated due to budget cuts. I suddenly found myself jobless, but also suddenly free. My conscience forced me to make a choice: Jump back into a 9-to-5, or finally pursue a creative sabbatical.  

In that moment, I realized that wasn't ready to jump back into the corporate marketing and advertising world. For the first time in almost 15 years, I finally had the opportunity to consider making that leap full-time into turning my hobby into a business. 

Rewards were not without their risk, and I knew I was risking everything I saved into this sabbatical. 

I vowed to make this leap of faith count.

Since that moment, I've radically discovered more about my purpose. 

While my corporate marketing career came to an abrupt halt, it did not end: it was transformed. 

Soon after, I started receiving invitations from conventions to attend as an invited guest. A few months after, I joined SINGER Sewing Company as its brand ambassador. I found myself traveling to Hawaii, Philippines, Portland, New Orleans, Atlanta and more as a professional cosplayer, sharing my cosplay and business wisdom and judging world-class costume competitions. 

A few months later, I created the Cosplay Professional Development Series of books and lectures to teach cosplayers how to market themselves.

By transforming into someone else, I became a better version of myself.

While my journey into cosplay is unconventional, I've embraced my role as a catalyst and transformer, helping others unlock their potential.

With my marketing and business acumen, I am helping other creatives take charge of their entrepreneurial journey and expand their creative horizons.

I am helping the world embrace more diverse representations.

I would have never imagined I'd be here just one year ago 

As I look to the future, I see my message of transforming passion into action - taking that leap of faith - spreading to communities worldwide.


Creative Director

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